Bridge of Souls / Death Gate

Posted: July 8, 2009 in A/V
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Referenced on my “about” page, my next film project will be with and is tentatively titled Bridge of Souls.  I think Death Gate sounds a lot cooler (play on words with Golden Gate) but we are so early in this it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is an over the top story line that sets the mood for a “so bad it’s funny” plot progression.  This will be in the vain of such movie gems as Feeders & Troll2.  Here is the preliminary intro for Bridge of Souls from

Two years after a man commits suicide in a New York suburb, strange things happen to the residents of his hometown. A group of friends realize they are the target of an evil force as they try to uncover the secret behind his death.

Some initial ideas gravitate around the notion that the bridge will need a lot of backstory.  It for sure has to be  in varying states of disrepair.  Some brainstorming lead me to start thinking about how maybe the disrepair and suspicious accidents/suicides on the bridge have the  D.O.T threatening to close the bridge.   Residents of nearby towns are initially thrilled when the D.O.T. finally plans to rehab the bridge but then find out the force(s) causing the accidents are the same forces that are still holding the bridge together!  The bridge that fights back, Death Gate (Bridge of Souls)!

A lot more to come on this!


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