Please head over & read this blog entry from WE FLY SPITFIRES.  As I teeter on the edge of leaving WoW and going back solely to single player console games Gordon hits right at the point of my reluctance.  He makes two clear and clever points.  The 1st one is:

After playing with friends in a virtual world inhabited by thousands of people, it’s very hard to load up a game like Oblivion and not feel alone.

He continues with his 2nd point:

Single player games are fun, absolutely, and I get a certain measure of enjoyment out of them but the feeling is bittersweet to me because I know that my achievement is only temporary and can only be acknowledged as long as the saved game exists. As soon as the saved game is deleted, my experience is gone along with it and I have no one to share it with. It feels almost hollow and sad in many respects.

 My problem has always been that since none of my real life friends play MMORPGS, I am constantly defending my waxing/waning addiction with EQ1 & WoW to them.  I could never explain succinctly why I played them.  I always just tossed out buzz words like “perpetual world” and watched them eye roll.  This article sums up what I have been meaning to say in a concise manner.  Have a read!

  1. pitrelli says:

    I agree with the single player thing, Ive recently left WoW and decided to get back into fallout 3…. I lasted about 30 mins before I decided to give AoC another whack.

    Cant beat some real life friends to play with however Ive left them in WoW. Champions Online is going to be my next MMO so Im hoping it is NOT too much like WoW

  2. Twan says:

    Crap…..fallout 3 was what I was going to try as a bridge away from WoW. Guess I gotta find another option!

  3. pitrelli says:

    Dont get me wrong Fallout 3 is a fantastic game, I just find I cant play single player games anymore. I miss the interaction and teamwork side of things. If you can cope with being a lone player then Fallout 3 will be an ideal game to play 🙂

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