Yesterday I finished Ogril’a & Netherwing.  Ogril’a got me nothing more then another tabard but I was so close to exalted I stuck with it and finished it off.  Netherwing netted me 6 more mounts which leaves me at 77/100 for Mountain o’ Mounts.  I have 353 champion seal’s stored that I could blow on another 5 mounts to get even closer but I don’t see a point at the moment.  I’d like to see the final patch notes for 3.2 before I spend down any of my seal’s. 


So this leaves me without a current direction.  My current playtime will not allow me to raid or even really do any 5 man content so I am looking for a new reputation to grind that involves daily/regular quests or item grind(s).  The only one I can think offhand that I will be able to work on in this manner would be Isle of Quel’Danas for Shattered Sun Offensive reputation.  I came back to WoW right after 2.4 & Sunwell but never did more then five or six runs of the dailies there. 


Have a look at my armory and throw me some suggestions on which reputation to hit up next.  Sure I would like to finish off Honor Hold and Lower City and some other Outland reputations but those would require getting a group and I am looking for a solo reputation grind.  Let’s hear it!

p.s. I am still doing the Argent Tournament dailies to get more seal’s so don’t suggest it!

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