Entourage S06E01 Review

Posted: July 22, 2009 in A/V
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Recap of Season 5 Finale:  The boys end up back in Queens after Smoke Jumpers implodes.  Drama, fresh off of the success of his TV show Five Towns ends up purchasing part ownership of a bar in Queens.  Over to Turtle, we have Jamie Lynn letting the cat out of the bag that they are fucking.  Still no career direction for Turtle yet though.  E, having screwed up any chance for Vince to score a role in a Gus Van Sant movie decides it’s time for him to return to LA solo.  No longer as Vince’s manager he returns to work on Charlie’s (Bow-Wow) career.  This is short lived though as E’s persistence with Gus Van Sant actually lead to Martin Scorsese seeing some of the Smoke Jumpers footage.  Ari makes the trip to Queens to inform Vince what E had pulled off.  Not being able to reach E, the boys travel back to LA and confront E, asking for his representation back.  One big happy family again as Season 5 came to a close.


Season 6 Episode 1

Vince: The Martin Scorsese version of The Gatsby has wrapped and with the premier 1 day away Vince does an appearance on the Jay Leno Show.  Vince also talks about his next role playing Enzo Ferrari and in another scene we get to see him actually taking his road test in order to score a license.  Funny scene there.  As the episode goes on we see Vince slowly feeling like a fish outta water as he comrade’s branch out.


E:  Can it be?  Can E finally have unemotional sex?  It looks that way in this season opener as we see E “making the rounds”.  But we all know this can’t be the real E and he is snapped back into reality by who other than Sloan (hot as ever).   They reconnect because Sloan’s friend is subletting a house and tries to convince E to take it.  I really wish these two would get together or never see each other again.  The back and forth is getting a little old.  With the possibility of E getting his own place this might open him up to another go-around with Sloan.


Turtle:  Nothing new here.   Still banging Jamie Lynn Sigler (how!) and still without any career direction.


Drama:  We don’t get much more to further Drama’s storyline in the season opener.  He is in the same spot we left him at the end of season five, owning his own apartment and still on a successful TV show.


Ari:  It’s heaven & hell for Ari.  Andrew Klein who Ari brought on as a partner at the end of Season 5 is signing top show runners which is making life heaven for Ari.  Making life hell for Ari is his assistant Lloyd who feels he is long overdue a promotion.  Ari later proposes a 100-day test, to see if he’s ready.  I wonder what this test is going look like.  It is a plot line I hope will be fleshed out through the season as the comedic potential here is great.


Last Thoughts:  With Drama in his new apartment, Turtle always at Jamie Lyn’s and E getting a new place the last scene of the episode has Vince returning home to an empty house.  As from past season’s we know Vince has issues with being alone and I think we will see that plot device used through the season.  I hope we get to explore it a little bit before the inevitable house of cards comes tumbling down for E, Turtle and Drama and they are all back huddled around Vince again.  For how long though; because I have a feeling this “personal growth” motif might continue through the season making this possibly the last season as all the characters branch off into their own independently sustainable lives.  Time will tell, glad the boys are back.  I will be posting a review of each episode this season, enjoy!


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