Using a PSP @ Nuclear Weapons Plant

Posted: July 25, 2009 in Nature / Human Interest, Video Games
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WBIR is reporting that:

Three guards have been suspended for bringing video game devices, including one with transmitting capability, into the heart of a high-security nuclear weapons plant.


Wackenhut Services spokeswoman Courtney Henry confirmed to 10News that the three security police officers were suspended without pay for an incident three weeks ago at the Department of Energy’s Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge.


She said the guards brought electronic game devices into the plant’s “protected area” where warhead parts are made, dismantled and recycled. Not even cell phones are permitted there, yet one of the players was a portable Sony PlayStation with transmission capability.


Wackenhut has since issued new rules requiring that guards personal bags be checked before they are taken into the area.


The device had wifi capabilities sure but what in the world do you think they could have accomplished.  Must be a very boring job.  Not sure if they had any specific “handheld gaming device” ban list in place before but they have them now.


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