Fixing the Boost Leak

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Automotive
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What used to hold 1.4-ish bar to red line now drops down to 1.1 bar.  Performance suffers drastically on the high end.  It’s time to fix this.  Kit should be in later this week.  I had to go with a new battery kit for it to fit but the battery was due for a refresh anyway.  Here’s to hoping this fixes the drop off!  If it doesn’t I may have a larger problem on my hands (intercooler itself or the turbo impeller)  The AMS kit is too expensive and only available in polished, the myriad of other kits are put together using inferior materials and hardware so I went with the Nisei kit.  It was in my price range and has outstanding reviews.


After this I would like to replace my Manual Boost Controller with the a Electronic Boost controller ($350) and get a reflash ($400).  Not till the fall though.


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