Undercutters and Netherweave Bags

Posted: July 28, 2009 in WoW
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Short post here just to reiterate Gevlon’s post on Undercutters from last week.  After accumulating 75k gold, then going on a spending spree down to 30k gold and now reaching approximately 45k gold I like to think I know a little on how to play the AH.  In reality Gevlon wouldn’t think of me as a goblin because a huge chunk of that spending was on frivolous mounts and pets but i digress.  All the same his new article includes:

Of course there comes the uber-genious who thinks the best move is buying all “cheap” glyphs and sell them higher. While monopoly works sometimes, but never-ever on an item that can be mass-produced. If you see someone buying all glyphs (or armor kits or belt buckles or ammunition or whatever that can be mass-produced), just craft much more. Make him buy more and more, making you rich and making him overrun by unsellable stuff.


This is how I have been making money with Netherweave Bags.  There is always someone out there that thinks they can buy them all up and re-list them for 11g each.  That’s when I cross post 5 at a time on each of my 3 AH alts the whole day for 10g each (2g over my normal asking price) and just watch them sell to the same doofus.  He/she could check and see that even they were all made by the same tailor and maybe stop buying from all my alts but he/she doesn’t.  With 200 bags on hand at any time I say bring it on!


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