I was 2 weeks late in downloading the Battlefield 1943 demo and to the chagrin of Electronic Arts it didn’t prompt me to pay for the full game.  What it did in fact was drive me right back into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  Being able to hop into a tank, jeep or plane was pretty cool but the rest of the game fell flat.  In talking with other friends who didn’t so much care for Battlefield or COD4 it pushed them back into their shooter(s) of choice which was usually Killzone2 or Warhawk.  I guess it reminded many of us that took a break from FPS shooter games that we don’t have to wait for Modern Warfare2 to get back into shooters as there are many out there to choose from with thriving online environments.  For now I am re-exploring COD4 and Killzone2 taking pleasure in fragging all the shit talkers.


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