Season 6 Episode 2


Vince:   Last episode we see Vince slowly feeling like a fish outta water as his comrade’s branch out leaving him alone in an empty house.  Not for long though as I predicted cause all the boys are back together for the big premier of Gatsby.  Vince and Ari rejoice as they work the red carpet proclaiming that Vinny Chase is officially back!  Weird that we don’t see any footage of the flick though.  Later Vince hooks up with random hot chick #5,879.  Typical Vince.


E:  E looks like he is completing his move and we see Sloan at his new crib with the boys as E invites her to the Gatsby premier, as friends.  Yeah right.  Now more then ever we see that E desperately wants another go-around with Sloan.  Things become awkward later at the cocktail party for the premier when E and Sloan are approached by one of E’s recent hookups.  Sloan bows out gracefully while E panics while left alone with Ashley (played by Alexis Dziena) thinking about how all this looks through Sloan’s eyes.  Over on the other side of the party Sloan is chatting with a dark haired man who E later pulls Sloan away from commenting “who is that jerk”.  Bad move E, that’s Sloan’s cousin!  E pours out his heart and says he doesn’t think he can just be friends.  Sloan, who still might love E, still see’s him in a transition period and remarks that if E can’t be friends then for now they should be nothing.  Ouch!  Later that night back at the pad all the other guys have a girl with them but for E.  No worry, Ashley calls to apologize for acting weird at the cocktail party and with Ashley’s newly found lost bracelet in E’s hand he jet’s off to her place for a booty call.  Wait! Whats this?!?!  An apology text from Sloan saying sorry (likely story)!  E hits the delete message key fast and drives off to claim some stress free ass.  Nicely played! 


Turtle:   Jamie Lynn Sigler ( really, how?) has no shame in stepping out on the red carpet with Turtle in tow and even exclaims to the press that he is indeed her boyfriend.  Score one for Turtle.  Now he just needs a career or maybe he will ride on the Sigler wave and be a trophy husband.  Yeah right!


Drama:  Just like the season opener we don’t get much more Drama time.   He is in the same spot we left him at the end of season five, owning his own apartment and still on a successful TV show.  This storyline has nothing left in it.  Hopefully Drama gets some side action off of the next role Vince takes.  There was one funny scene where Drama goes to pickup his suit for the premier and get called “creepy” while hitting (attempting at least) on a girl.  None-the-less Drama is still my favorite character.


Ari:  Losing 15lbs is the 1st step in riding Lloyd for the 100 day test.  Some funny banter goes back and forth as Lloyd attempts to lose weight by only eating 1 grape an hour.  Hahahahahah!  Ari then shifts his attention to Andrew Klein who Ari brought on as a partner at the end of Season 5.  For Ari to fully get vested with Klein again he urges their wives to get to know each other so they can double date and Ari doesn’t have to constantly feign interest in his wife’s-couple-friends.  Just as Ari tries to bring the four together he notices that Klein is getting some side action from one of the 26yr old agents below him.  Klein might be on the precipice of blowing his shot in the big leagues.  Ari runs a tight ship and an embarrassment for Klein is an embarrassment for him.


Last Thoughts:  All the Seth Rogan hate seemed a little contrived and poured on, save it.  I like the Klein story arc that’s going on and hope it continues.  Gatsby has premiered, E moved into his new place & now its time for some content around the Enzo project Vince mentioned on the Jay Leno Show.  I hope we get to see some sick ass cars (and Vince doesn’t wreck any)!


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