Reef Reset

Posted: August 1, 2009 in Reef
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This summer marks the 4 year anniversary of my 1st salt water reef tank.  The low point of the tank came during my 2 week honeymoon in July of last year and the move into the new apartment came shortly after.  It was around this time I started the battle with red turf algae that slowly took over 50% of my rock work.  It was at this time I had to relocate all my corals to the sand bed in order to keep them away from the plague.  Water changes, chemical filtration, lights out periods and cutting back on feeding all had little to no effect on it for the last 13 months.


I didnt lose my True Percula or my Sixline Wrasse but lost the Skunk Cleaner Shrimp a few weeks back and several nice corals over the months.  The shrimp was replaced and is doing fine but I hesitated to add any new corals back.  The red turf algae kept spreading!  It was time to do something about it.  I replaced all the live rock with new fully cured live rock from a local fish store last week.  I threw it in a bucket with a power-head for two days to be sure I wasn’t going to have any die off.  All was clear after those two days so in went the rock and the glass/back wall both got good scrapings.  I did a 3 gallon water change and everything looked good, except for the equipment.  You see, the turf algae had also decided to grow on my pumps and overflow.  Here is a list of what was replaced to take care of that:



After that was all said and done here are the new pictures.  Let’s hope this fresh start gives that tank many more prosperous years.




Right Side


Left side



In keeping with regular maintenance I ordered six new bulbs (enough for two changes) for the upcoming change on August 1st.  Some only change their bulbs every six months but I see adverse effects after only four.  The last purchase I made was a pre-order on the new Sapphire Nanoskimmer.  I have never used a skimmer before so wish me luck.  The redesigned version should be released this week:


Next on my list is saving up for a ReefKeeper Light.


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