Vince: It seems like with this season the less Vince, the better.  I’m not complaining, it’s actually refreshing that we are getting more content from E & Turtle (still no Drama though).  Last week we got 1 of the 2 dimensions of Vince.  Banging hot chicks.  This episode gave us the other side of this 2 dimensional character; the spender.  Vince leverages his role research to get the boys a day out on the track with Ferrari’s.  After the cat and mouse “racing” scenes, Vince lays a $240,000 Ferrari California as a birthday present in the lap of Turtle.  Later Vince is seen ordering another two bottles of the most expensive wine on the menu.  Last episode it was getting tail with little to no effort.  This episode we have him dropping thousands of dollars like it’s nothing.


E:  Ashley (played by Alexis Dziena) stays overnight (till 3pm the next day), breaks a french coffee press, and gives his client Charlie at not so raving review.  At first E is caught off guard and is second guessing even getting involved with her, latter he remarks to Vince that he is warming up to her.  Maybe E needs something/someone who is a sure thing.  Ashley is putting herself out there (maybe too boldly) and E knows where he stands with her.  She is opinionated and not holding anything back.  With Sloan he didn’t know where he stood or what he wanted from one minute to the next.  With Ashley what you see is what you get?  I don’t yet know what E is thinking to be honest as Ashley seems clingly & almost stalker-ish.  Bad news for his client Charlie, he has been kicked off his own pilot.  E goes to the studio to fight for him with the half-serious advice Ari gave him.  Doesn’t work (altho it made me laugh) and E starts ignoring Charlie’s calls. 


Turtle: A Turtle centric episode!  This one was all about Turtle becoming a man.  He got the girl in Sigler, he just needs career direction now.  We see Turtle really down on himself as he turns 30 and is reaching out to Ari for advice.  Ari goes on a funny tirade that boils down to one thing; Turtle doesn’t have a concise business plan.  We see him contact his cousin Ronnie who we haven’t seen since the Sandy Koufax jersey incident to gain a partner for his limo company idea.  That doesn’t pan out and Turtle seems left with a lot of ambition but no direction.  By the end of the episode Turtle reveals his master plan, he is going back to school.  At least he got a Ferrari California (Vince’s gift) and a Porsche convertible (Jamie-Lynn’s gift) this week!


Drama:  A few witty one liners here and there but no story to be found.  If there is one and only disappointing thing about this new season its the lack of any Drama drama.


Ari: It seems Ari’s 2nd step in riding Lloyd for the 100 day test is getting Lloyd to greet people in a more professional manner using Mr. and Ms. and god forbid – no smiling.  He is toughening Lloyd up and it’s hilarious.   The Andrew Klein story line is nowhere to be found from last episode.  I really wanted more here.  In this episode we saw Ari the wordsmith man with lies.  Bottom lining situations and delivering lies in believable fashion is sometimes what it takes to make it in this business.  Sometimes you have to be brash, manipulate the truth and go head on to get what you want.  Ari spews this advice in a father-like manner.  He hasn’t lost his fire but he is getting older and it looks like he is thinking to the future.  How will he usher his son into the harsh realities of the real world?


Last Thoughts:  Turtle the least successful out of the group is going back to school.  E might, just might be over Sloan for good and realizes he needs more clients to get out of the “ever growing Vincent Chase” shadow.  I think there has to be a Vince/Drama heavy episode due in the next few episodes.  Oh yeah 50 cent cameo was funny too!


I know I am one episode behind on my reviews, I will try to catch up this week.


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