In my last non-auction WoW post I contemplated what to do with my limited playtime.  What reputation to grind?  What achievements to go after?


I contemplated Isle of Quel’Danas for Shattered Sun Offensive reputation but never started.  Without any current direction I am still doing the Argent Tournament dailies (411 seals now) and Wintergrasp (551 stonekeepers shards now).  I threw in some PvP work as I realized I was still short two of the mounts purchasable with marks of honor.  I was swimming in AV tokens so I just had to work on AB and WSG.  4 AB marks got me my Black War Ram and a little more PvP work leaves me 19 AB and 11 WSG marks away from the Black War Steed.  Once I finish that off I will only be logging in to do the Argent Tournament dailies (15mins) and some AH scanning/posting (15mins). 


When is patch 3.2?!?!!?!??!?!?!

  1. Twan says:

    Update: 3.2 hit today!

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