After we got that out of the way it was time to do the new Children’s Week addendum.  I choose to go with the Wolvar pet.  I took my loaner pet on a visit to 5 or so Northrend spots then finally to the Wonderworks in Dalaran.  It was there we played a game of catch with a paper zepplin and I won his heart.

With that errand out of the way it was time to hit up the new Argent Tournament.  I did a few of the new dailies but not all of them.  It was spending time!  I bought the tabard (which has a teleport clicky) and the new upgrade to the Argent Squire.

When you interract with the Squire pet you get this window.

I then mailed my mats over from my alt to make the new Wormhole Generator and Jeeves butler.  Jeeves schematic took me about 70 kills in Stormpeaks to obtain. After that it was crafting time.

Feeling a little low on vanity mounts I spent down some more Champion Seals that got me to 83/100 mounts and 5315 achievement points total.

Still have plenty to spend but not sure what to do.  After the spending spree here is where I stand.

I hope to get back on tonight and try out the new BG and 5 man heroic. All in all a pretty productive foray into the new patch.


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