Vince: With the Enzo flick delayed 12 whole weeks Vince is looking to enjoy his time off. With everyone branched out he remarks “I have all the money and time in the world and no one wants to play with me.” This theme plays itself out through the episode that even has Vince scouring Facebook for entertainment. There are only so many women he can bang in any given day but it still won’t cure his loneliness.


E: Last episode Charlie had been kicked off his own pilot and E was avoiding his calls. That story line does not appear anywhere in this episode. Instead we see E struggling still to move out of the “Vincent Chase Shadow”. While Vince’s career has exploded, E’s has imploded. Everyday at the office seems to be a slow day as Ashley comes and visits for some mid-morning sex. She imparts some wisdom on him that he shouldn’t take Vince for granted. He should realize that it is ok to be the man behind Vince and he should not be frustrated because he has the freedom most people suffer for. Good stuff right there. I imagine though that Ashley and E will only last as long as Vince is on hiatus from filming or until his next project.  Later E calls it quits on with the Murphy Group. No Sloan, no Charlie, no business. Can Ashley keep him grounded or will E spin off in next episode?


Turtle: Back to school shopping on Jamie-Lynn’s dime is where we find Turtle this week. Drama remark takes the cake with “who knew you could find style in the husky section”. Turtle in spite of his ribbing shows Drama that he really cares in letting Jaime-Lynn take part in a kissing scene with Drama on an upcoming episode of Five Towns. Selfless act little Turtle!


Drama: A new storyline for Drama’s character on Five Towns. A love interest! First things first, they must have chemistry. The studio sets up a casting call for the role where we see Drama pucker up as he gets to make out with 50+ women in succession to find someone “suitable” for the roll. Drama really takes advantage here and it’s hilarious. Take after take, grope after grope, he’s an animal. His final conclusion? None will do! They are models and not actresses. He goes to speak personally to Ed Burns to get another casting and is shot down. In a bind and with the possibility of his female interest storyline being taken out of the script, Drama begs Turtle to ask Jaime-Lynn to fill the role. To our surprise she actually understands how bad Drama wants/needs this and agrees with Turtle’s consent. Should make for a tense day on the set! It’s about time we got some Drama drama this season!


Ari: Ari’s 3rd step in riding Lloyd for the 100 day test is getting Lloyd to keep losing weight till his appearance is acceptable to be shown in public (then his real training will begin) & to keep an eye on Andrew Klein. The Klein adultery story line took a one week break but this episode delves more into it via a meltdown. Mrs. Ari gets a late night call from Klein’s wife wondering if Ari knows where he is. When confronted Klein agrees it has to stop, he will stop seeing Lizzie Grant. Lizzie even comes to Ari’s office to apologize for the transgressions. Ari’s solution? The less he knows the better, just do your job! All looks smoothed over for Ari’s business relationship with Klein until Klein feels still so obsessed with Lizzie that he interrupts a pitch meeting between her and David Schwimmer hoping to prevent them from sparking a romantic connection. With meltdown in full swing (and sobbing in his car in the office parking garage) Klein seeks advice again from Ari. His response is that Klein should think of his children and not live a lie. As Ari reaches home with flowers in hand to greet his wife, she is on the phone with Klein’s wife. Shit has hit the fan. Klein took Ari’s advice and left his wife. Ari meant the advice to drive him back to his wife not from! Mrs. Ari is not pleased and storms off. The kids chime in “daddies in trouble, daddies in trouble”.


Last Thoughts: E should follow Vince and hit some vacation spots and see what the world has to offer while filming is halted. In a few weeks I hope we get some more racing action as the Enzo flick resumes filming. This episode seemed like a pit stop to that end (pun intended).


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