Off to Lancaster, PA

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Nature / Human Interest
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Spending the weekend with the wife and her family out in cow country doing some camping.  I am not really big on camping but once a year for a few days;  it’s nice.  It’s also a good way to wind down the “summer” months.  While the wife, sister-inlaw and mother-inlaw will be frequenting the shopping outlets, I plan to stay put.  I’d love to think I will get in some cardio via early morning runs but I doubt it.  More likely I will sleep in a little, have a light breakfast, fish some, gorge myself on SONIC  and then kick back some beer around the fire.


It’s also the 1st trip in our new 2009 Rogue so I am looking forward to getting in some driving time and messing around with those unnesary paddle shifters.  I also gotta remember to hit up Sam’s Steins and get a bar runner / spill mat and search for my 1st stein!


The campground has (crappy) wifi so I might or might not be posting from the 4th through the 8th.  I hope you all have a drunken mess of a holiday weekend!


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