Posted: September 30, 2009 in Reef
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 Unit installed in middle chamber:

Collection cup off:

Skim-mate after 6hrs:

Temporary intake restriction:

Mircobubble release:

 My 1st pump arrived damaged due to shipping. Kyle was kind enough to send me a replacement pump face to get the unit working. Thanks very much!

Shortly after I got this working it was time for a water change. The main pain in the ass is even being careful not to disturb the collection cup, all adjustments needed to be made once again after the water change. This includes water level, body height, collection cup height, and pump flow. Hopefully adjusting this thing will get easier over time and the microbubbles will cease. I only want to use it during the overnight and never when away cause I won’t be able to monitor top-off.

The other major problem with this skimmer is the pump is way too powerful. Left wide open the collection cup overflows in minutes. The above picture shows a binder clip I used, I have since replaced this. What I have done now is put an adjustable valve on the air intake I stole from a drip acclimator to cut the air coming into the pump by approximately 50%. I worry that this will have the pump running hotter both effecting its life and the tank temperatures. Time will tell.

So far the skimmer has needed daily adjusting and constant worry. I wonder if its really worth it on my tank with bi-weekly water changes. I really want to get into a worry free maintenance mode and coast with the tank. I don’t wish to add anything or spend any money on it. The skimmer was supposed to be the last expenditure giving me a little insurance with regards to water quality. So far it’s been headache’s. This is not indicative of the Sapphire’s build quality. It is an impressive unit but maybe my system requires too much tinkering to make its benefits worthwhile. Will check back in another week.


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