Got the Evo detailed at Big A’s down in Queens, NY.  The car came out great inside and out.  The only bad thing now is that all the paint chips, door dents and wing cancer look that much more prominent now.



I ordered some touch up paint for both the hood and the wheels.  Mitsupart’s is sending the paint touch-up.  BBS does not make touch-up wheel paint so I went with a testors color “gunship grey” that I hope matches well.  There are 2 curbings I am going to sand and a few chips here and there.  The hood has, no joke, 40-50 little chips.  It really needs a repaint and I really should have had a clear-bra installed on day one.  Too late now!


After thats done its time to tackle the wing.  There are 2 options.  Have it taken off and sanded down and recleared.  Problem is no shop wants to take the liability of sanding and possibly ruining the carbon.  Add in the possible $300 cost and I balked.  The other option is wingless with a full carbon trunk replacement.  That would be really nice but chimes in at over $600.  So I am going ghetto.  I am going to use some vinyl to mask it in the meantime.  I have to take some measurements and be sure before I order.  Yes thats right, I am covering real carbon fiber with fake carbon fiber.  It’s only temporary though.


These last few steps in getting the paint/interior/wheels/wing back into shape is giving my car a much needed fresh (albeit it stock) face.  I’ll have more pictures soon.


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