When I quit raiding right around the time Sunwell hit I took a 13 month break from WoW.  The drive to raid never came back.  With the lack of any 10 or 25 man progress on my radar I threw myself head first into the achievement system.


The biggest one I wanted?  What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.  I worked diligently through all the holidays.  Waking up at odd hours to get some tasks done, cursing the Valentine’s Candies, putting out & starting fires, and matting rabbits to name a few. 


It was right after Brewfest last year that I decided to go for it.  Something told me to gather all the clothing and I am glad I did.  Being well prepared for disturbing the peace was a good move.  It was arguably one of the bigger pains of Brewfest (though I read that for a short time this year you were able to buy then sell back clothes making this so easy it’s not even funny).  So this year to finish off Brewmaster all it really took was getting 200 tokens for Brew of the Month and some silly drinking & eating.  Some more keg runs and I was able to buy the Pint-Sized Pink Elekk and some other frivolous items (1 and 2).  I had completed 100% of Brewfest, even the non-achievement items/tasks.  When all totalled up I spent 870 Brewfest Prize Token’s all got by legitimate ways.  That’s quite a bit of tedious work.


But when I look back it was a drop in the bucket.  There were many tedious tasks along the way.  I really can’t believe I got this all done as the 1st period for eligibility came up.  As holidays come and go, many people will join my ranks.  I was able to get it done in the 1st week.  I amazed myself.  Being prepared for Brewfest this year to end my long journey was a lofty, will I quit WoW after I get it, type of  goal.  Here I am, on the precipice.


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