Nice weather, new house, longer commutes, drunken BBQ’s and general malaise; yep, it’s summer time!  So where does that leave WoW?  Well not much playtime to be honest.


I got a Friends and Family invite so I copied Twan (Warlock) over and finished off 1 of 2 starting zones and capped at 82.  Since then the level cap has been raised to 83 and the whole talent overhaul was posted.  There is a large patch file between me and testing out this content and I hope to get to it next week sometime.


Through random dailies and professions my Deathknight (Crosstobear) has reached 71 and my Priest (Nawt) is sitting at 76.  My next goal is to get the Priest to 80 and the DK to 75.

Auction House

Just because I got a new iPhone doesn’t mean I see the new AH application to be worth the $3 a month.  I just post the old-fashioned way!  Currently sitting on 113k.  There are still a few vanity pets I would like to buy and the shiny chopper mount.  I also want to have approximately 150k on hand for cataclysm launch so I will continue the grind.


Yes I am Insane and yes I have already started collecting the materials.  It is going to be a long long long long long long grind.

Stay tuned for more posts tracking my adventures in Azeroth.  They will be split between posts pertaining to each of the 4 categories above (Beta/Alts/Auction/Insane).


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