PS3 Blue Tooth

Posted: August 4, 2010 in ps3, Video Games, WoW
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There is no lack of headsets for the PS3.  I have tried a few of them.   My 1st was a Jabra 125.  While it held a good charge and was comfortable it was horrible at noise cancelling.  Being vigorous with the control sticks?  The mic was picking up all of my thumbed furry.

Next purchase I would read up on all the reviews and not make a hasty decision.

In the meantime I used my Logitech ClearChat from my PC that was strictly used for WoW previously.  While it worked great it was wired.

Many months ago Sony developed and released their own Blue Tooth headset.  It was bundled with a game though.  Now it is available stand alone and has gotten very good reviews.  I just picked one up last night for the glorious price of free (giftcards)!  Review to follow soon.


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