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It came from Etsy Part 7

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Etsy
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It’s not a mustache ride and few things are but this mug by TrilliumArtisan will bring a smile (albeit a hairy one) to your face each time you raise it to you lips and take a sip.


It came from Etsy Part 6

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Etsy
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Nothing is more Puzzling then a Puzzle Ring!  See what I did there? =p

CUT&PASTE will set you right with this Wooden Puzzle Ring.  Sure it’s not a mood ring, but imagine how stunned and silly someone would look after taking a punch from someone with this ring on.  Now to find an interlocking  4 finger Tetris ring that forms the ultimate brass knuckles, a man can dream!

I present you with the Hater Mirror, silver sequin with spike(s) sunglasses.  JAMSunglasses have lots of different variations inspired by Lady Gaga but with these all I can think of is Snooki’s glasses from the Miami/Jersey Shore episode last week :

See, with these glasses (according to their seller)

when you look at me… u see ur reflection… that’s who ur thinking about when u hate… YOU!!!!!

True that!  Just as Kanye says “if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up.”  We all just got a little dumber.

Where, when & why the piggy bank was 1st created is beyond me.  Why a pig, why not an armadillo?  I mean what fiscally conscious agenda does a pig have over any other animal?  While that remains a mystery, getting your hands on the most tacky piggy bank you can find is no longer!

She’s a sight, isn’t she? This little blue piggy bank is made of super thick plastic. Her eyelashes are on, bangs and tail are curled, her yellow posies are bright, and she’s waiting contentedly for your cash.

In cute 1970’s vintage condition, with some discoloration and scratches. A portly 12″ by 14″ by 7″ wide, she’ll hold a porker full of savings. Her bottom plug is long gone, but a stray piece of duct tape will work nicely to plug her up.

Sounds like a girl I used to date.  Zingggggggggggggggggggg!  Anyway if you have to have her, sassboxclassics will satisfy your blue pig money hoarding desires.

As part of my regular series here with random Etsy goods available for sale I present you with Vegan Drunken Chocolate Cupcakes made by SweetFritsy’s Shop.  All of her products look very appetizing but the Vegan thing has me thrown.

  Welcome to Sweet Fritsy, your place for everything yummy and vegan. Every item is 100% vegan which means no dairy, no eggs, no honey, no animals!


At the end of the day a cupcake is a cupcake (and I love’s me some cakes in cups) so who wants to order me a sampler so I can do a full binge review?

As part of my regular series here with random Etsy goods available for sale I present you with New York on a stick made by artis3letter.


With beer, squid and now even pancakes and sauasage  on a stick I think it’s due time for New York on a stick.

I am going to start a regular series here with random Etsy goods available for sale.  Advertised as “your place to buy & sell all things handmade”, I will be posting random interesting goods from Etsy on average once a week.


Felt Playstation iPhone/Cellphone Case by rabbitrampage