So the 2 map packs for MW2 have been out for a while & are probably due to go on combo sale soon but wtf, I needed some new stomping grounds.

I have grown tired of run and gun,  and am going to make my 1st serious attempts at being a sniper.

Report to follow soon!

Cat’s do not normally surf and I don’t normally read.
  • Mohr, Jay – No wonder my parents drank
  • Smith, Martin Cruz – Wolves eat dogs
  • Pasricha, Neil – The book of awesome
  • Doctorow, Cory – For the win
  • Gutfeld, Greg – The bible of unspeakable truths
  • Slash – Slash
  • Adler, Steven – My appetite for destruction
  • Lansky, Doug – The Titanic awards : celebrating the worst of travel
  • Thompson, Chuck – Smile When You’re Lying : Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer
  • Christopher Hitchens – The portable atheist.

This was my summer reading list that I never got to.  I just started and am about to finish ” Smile When You’re Lying : Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer” & hope to attack at least 2 of the others in the next month.

Special thanks to killingemslowly for posting a chart that alerted me to the fact that:

  • babies wrapped in bacon are awesome to see (maybe taste too?)
  • professor pigs glasses cant comfortably fit and allow him to see properly
  • the world as we know it is now on BACON 2.0

It is a must see:

I present you with the Hater Mirror, silver sequin with spike(s) sunglasses.  JAMSunglasses have lots of different variations inspired by Lady Gaga but with these all I can think of is Snooki’s glasses from the Miami/Jersey Shore episode last week :

See, with these glasses (according to their seller)

when you look at me… u see ur reflection… that’s who ur thinking about when u hate… YOU!!!!!

True that!  Just as Kanye says “if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up.”  We all just got a little dumber.

Going to visit my dad’s beach house on Topsail Beach for some nice R&R.  It’s not far from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.    Full days on the beach and BBQ at night with some fishing sprinkled in with liberal amounts of booze.  Many photo’s of the actual unit can be found here.  I know the owner, I can get you a good rate!

Must do’s:

  • Boogie Boarding like it’s 1992.
  • Water Gun fights like its 1988.
  • Getting some color for the 1st time this year.
  • Taking a much needed break from exercising.
  • Ghost Crab hunting.
  • Catch something while surf-casting.
  • Buying utter crap from 1 of 4 Dollar Store’s.


Every Friday the topic will be would you rather.


Would you rather take a taser to the forehead or a kick to the balls?

Love the Iphone, wish there was open source support for this kind of stuff:

Yes there is such a thing as the World Sauna Championship.  Want to sit in a sweat box that reaches 110 degrees celsius in a battle of who is left standing?  Well your fucking crazy/moronic.

11 years and no incident, till a few days ago.

On 7 August 2010, Russian finalist and former third-place finisher Vladimir Ladyzhensky and Finnish five-time champion Timo Kaukonen, passed out after six minutes in the sauna, both suffering from terrible burns and trauma. They were both rushed to the hospital but Ladyzhensky died en route. Kaukonen was reported to suffer from extreme burn injuries, and his condition was described as critical, but stable. Just a few minutes before the finals, Kaukonen told the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang that the saunas used for the 2010 championship were a lot more extreme than the saunas used for previous competitions. The competition was suspended and the organizer, Ossi Arvela, said that there will probably never be another sauna competition. Two days later City of Heinola noted, that there are no official decisions about the future of the event, and the decisions will be made after the incident has been examined.

Pictures but I must warn you are graphic.

Where, when & why the piggy bank was 1st created is beyond me.  Why a pig, why not an armadillo?  I mean what fiscally conscious agenda does a pig have over any other animal?  While that remains a mystery, getting your hands on the most tacky piggy bank you can find is no longer!

She’s a sight, isn’t she? This little blue piggy bank is made of super thick plastic. Her eyelashes are on, bangs and tail are curled, her yellow posies are bright, and she’s waiting contentedly for your cash.

In cute 1970’s vintage condition, with some discoloration and scratches. A portly 12″ by 14″ by 7″ wide, she’ll hold a porker full of savings. Her bottom plug is long gone, but a stray piece of duct tape will work nicely to plug her up.

Sounds like a girl I used to date.  Zingggggggggggggggggggg!  Anyway if you have to have her, sassboxclassics will satisfy your blue pig money hoarding desires.

Hamster Video

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Yes it is over 3 years old.  Yes it still rocks.