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So 1 week from today I will be taking a solo trip to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It is something I always wanted to do.  The trip will be sandwiched between 2 stints in Amsterdam.

I’ll post my itinerary soon but suffice to say I am so excited!





Crude opens today.  Good blog has a nice synopsis & I can’t wait to see this movie!  It’s playing at the IFC center in NY.

UK paper Telegraph has an posted an article about the contention over whether mans retreat from the area has helped despite the environmental contamination of radionucleotides, caesium, strontium, and plutonium.  A heated debate that gets more interesting every year.  I hope to visit the area before the containment structure is in place so I follow these stories closely.


WBIR is reporting that:

Three guards have been suspended for bringing video game devices, including one with transmitting capability, into the heart of a high-security nuclear weapons plant.


Wackenhut Services spokeswoman Courtney Henry confirmed to 10News that the three security police officers were suspended without pay for an incident three weeks ago at the Department of Energy’s Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge.


She said the guards brought electronic game devices into the plant’s “protected area” where warhead parts are made, dismantled and recycled. Not even cell phones are permitted there, yet one of the players was a portable Sony PlayStation with transmission capability.


Wackenhut has since issued new rules requiring that guards personal bags be checked before they are taken into the area.


The device had wifi capabilities sure but what in the world do you think they could have accomplished.  Must be a very boring job.  Not sure if they had any specific “handheld gaming device” ban list in place before but they have them now.

Current (and failing) Confinement Structure

Not many people know how interested I have become over the last few years on the present state of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone but it is certainly fascinating.  I guess the whole “nature reclamation” angle is what draws me in.  Many of the local villages (especially Pripyat) are now over run and turned into ghost towns.   I’ve read quite a few books and tagged along as other bloggers documented their trips over to the Ukraine starting back about 4 years ago.   I’ll blog frequently about the subject as I explore the reasons for my desire to visit the area.

In the meantime please head over to to read how estimates on construction costs for Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement structure have climbed to $1.6 billion.  Likely story!