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What should a late blooming JC be doing in the lul before Cataclysm?  I only made a JC to work in conjunction with my Xmute spec’d Alchemist.  It was a very wise choice as I made a lot of money off of Red/Yellow Epic cuts alone. Being able to cut those gems was great.  But now with the Saronite Shuffle dry as bones and gems selling like crap I am unsure what to do.

I do not own every epic recipe.  I only have the two most popular of each cut and even those struggle to sell. So right now I am sitting on 60 tokens.  Dragon Eyes’ are selling for 100g each.  Should I pull the trigger and just buy/dump them all?

The completest in me wants to finish buying off the recipes………..the goblin in me says convert the tokens to dragon eye’s because they will probably be worthless come Cata when a new JC token and daily is probably instituted as a way to earn new patterns.

I am sitting on about 100k set aside for Cataclysm.  I don’t want to touch any of that so I am seeking more funds to be able to make the last few frivolous purchases of WOTLK (mechano-hog, etc).

Please Advise!




JMTC has an article today that many over look.  Epic gems cost 10k honor at the vendor in Hall of Legends/Champions Hall (PvP vendor).  Ask people to trade in their honor in chat channel for the epic gem you would like to buy and offer them 100g for it.  In the end each honor point for them translates to 1 silver.  They get to offload honor, you get epic gems for 100g a pop.  Win/Win!  I am going to try this for 3 days and report back.  Not sure if I am going to sell the gems on the AH or have them cut into some popular designs.

More spending was in order as I checked out the Wintersgrasp Quartermaster on my 2nd day of patch 3.2

 New Wrist:

New Trinket:


New Ring:


I then re-gemmed both my PVP and PVE sets with the new ruby/zircon’s. 

I think I used 5 rubies and 2 zircon’s in total.

I now embark to farm Takk the Leaper over in The Barrens for my 2nd raptor the Leaping Hatchling.  I got my 1st raptor for 40g off of Breanni.  This one will be much much harder.  Wish me luck!