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What should a late blooming JC be doing in the lul before Cataclysm?  I only made a JC to work in conjunction with my Xmute spec’d Alchemist.  It was a very wise choice as I made a lot of money off of Red/Yellow Epic cuts alone. Being able to cut those gems was great.  But now with the Saronite Shuffle dry as bones and gems selling like crap I am unsure what to do.

I do not own every epic recipe.  I only have the two most popular of each cut and even those struggle to sell. So right now I am sitting on 60 tokens.  Dragon Eyes’ are selling for 100g each.  Should I pull the trigger and just buy/dump them all?

The completest in me wants to finish buying off the recipes………..the goblin in me says convert the tokens to dragon eye’s because they will probably be worthless come Cata when a new JC token and daily is probably instituted as a way to earn new patterns.

I am sitting on about 100k set aside for Cataclysm.  I don’t want to touch any of that so I am seeking more funds to be able to make the last few frivolous purchases of WOTLK (mechano-hog, etc).

Please Advise!


Hit Quit, gain your life back!

I’ve been playing since release with one long break (13 month’s) & one short (3 month) break. While The Burning Crusade expansion drew me further into raiding, Wrath of The Lich King seriously turned me off to raiding. I have done basic 5 mans, limited 10 mans and almost zero 25 man dungeons. It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore to sit in one zone for 3-4 hours at a clip.  With no raiding I have occupied my WoW time by doing:



Got all my WOTLK factions done early so with patch 3.1 I turned all my focus to the Argent Tournament.  It was fun for the 1st couple of weeks but now is a chore.  In that time I have amassed about 330 Champions seals as I am waiting for patch 3.2 rewards to be finalized before I spend them.  When I got bored of the Argent Tournament I went ahead and started doing other factions dailies (namely Ogril’a & Netherwing).  This is basically in an attempt to get closer to Mountain o’ Mounts.


AH Trading

After amassing 75k gold I wondered why I was hording it all.  It was made basically by playing the AH and planning ahead for in game holidays.  People will pay crazy prices for achievement tied items in a Holiday window.  So with it just sitting there I spent a chunk of it on non-combat pets and a few mounts, namely the 16k Traveler’s Tundra Mount.


 It looks damn cool and allows the ease of being able to carry other passengers, vendor and repair.  Team this with my MOLL-E  and I can do anything remotely that you would want to do in a city with the exception of interfacing with the Auction House.  This brought me down to 30k gold where I have sat for the last 4 weeks.  The market after 3.1 has been tanking and I’m holding onto my reserves and just watching.


So the grinding of dailies is closing in as I get within 4 days of exalted Netherwing and within 6 days of exa Ogril’a.  I am not investing in the AH and holding reserves back.  Hence, I find less and less reason(s) to log in.  The nice summer weather has certainly been calling me but I haven’t hit that big quit button………………..yet!  Likely Story!